WhiskeyGrass Wednesdays featuring Blow the Vault

9:00PM 11:59PM

Blow the Vault is a most ferocious cast of prairie-billy stompers. “A runaway train on fire”, this band brings a head-on, roots music cocktail shaken with a bluegrass tempo and stirred with a hard edge.

This Americana band with DNA inspired by folk, bluegrass and punk rock has a classical music pedigree, fronted by fiddle virtuoso Emily Rose Lewis, and Kevin Eisemann, who mesmerizes with his lightning-fast, flat-picking twerkin’ solos. Vocally, the pair wraps their harmonies around the raw themes of lost love, drinking, revenge and murder. Woven through the melodies, you won’t miss the deft banjo picking of Kyle Moyer, Dan Steinberg’s silky smooth chocolate beats, Jim Cressman’s thumping bass, and Bill Moore’s driving rhythms on the guitar and bass drum.

Based in Denver, CO, Blow the Vault members come from the far reaches of the country: Kansas, Kentucky, Connecticut, Maryland, North Carolina, and one lone Rocky Mountain representative, to blend a sound that is truly Americana.